Make free calls to many countries

With FreeCall you can call your friends for free from your PC. And if your friends also have FreeCall, you can talk PC-to-PC for free for as long as you want. Here is a list of the countries where you can make free calls to with FreeCall (to landline only):

There are several ways to call with FreeCall:

  • From the text box, enter the User Name of another VoipBuster user, or the desired phone number and press enter
  • Double-click a User Name in your contact list
  • Use the dialpad to make a call just like you do on a regular phone
  • Or use the keypad on your PC



FreeCall Build 628 4.07

User reviews about FreeCall

  • Dennis Montey

    by Dennis Montey


    i could not get freecall to work pn Windows 10. Afteer troubleshooting, incompatible program.   More.

  • maxder77

    by maxder77

    "The best VOIP"

    Hi, somebody tell us that make internationals calls will be expensive...uff NO WAY! At IT remote Analyst, This tool...   More.

  • bhatln1960

    by bhatln1960

    "Free call not working in UAE"

    Free call is not working in UAE and I lost 20 uk pounds . I tried to contact free call but not able to do so. I did n...   More.

  • Mobassir

    by Mobassir

    "in installation problem"

    i like free call but i tired for the sighn in , problem is that when i sighn in with full address & ok after some...   More.

  • Problems

    by Problems


    I love free call as its the best but since today afternoon I am not able to call at all, when i dial it says &quo...   More.

  • jasbany

    by jasbany


    I live in Dubai & i tried to use Free call only to find that Free call is blocked by our iSP how do i get around ...   More.